How To Make The Law Of Attraction

If you are wanting to attract the things that your heart desires into your experience, there are things you first must know.

Just as you must be made aware of the laws of society so that you may stay within their guidelines, so to avoid trouble, or lead a peaceful life because you have chosen to obey these manmade laws, it is with laws that govern this universe.

Likes attract likes through their magnetic pulling power as which is evident in every physical thing of the universe.

If you are truly wanting physical things to appear in your time space reality, and you want to use the law of attraction more effectively to ensure you get what you want, then it will be necessary for you to become a student of the law of attraction, for there is much to know.

What you think of most, you attract. If you are worried about a cheating spouse, you will fill your marriage with so much doubt, you will undermine it and eventually find a cheating spouse. If you are afraid your child will not do well in school, your anxiety will cause your child not to do well. If you fill your life with panic and anxiety, you will undoubtedly be experiencing circumstances that fill your realty with panic and anxiety, like cheating spouses and struggling children.

You first must spend time learning to still your mind so that you can hear what it is you are wanting… When you have finally fallen upon that thought, then you will need to ask yourself why it is you want what you want…

The reason for this is so to help you illicit positive emotional responses within you vibrationally, so that your mind can attract more strongly that which you want.

The more you think about what you want, and the more positively you feel about that which you want the faster what you want appears.

A quick tip; You must learn NOT to give your focus to silly things… like what someone else is wearing, or how they are behaving, what color their hair is, or whether or not they have breast implants… You must not invite into your mind, the worry about what others think about you, feel about you or what they are doing on Friday night.

What you do need to do is invite into your mind an allowing… You must learn to stay focused in your mind on the thing you are wanting. And when your mind wanders off to something silly that society has tried to program you to deem worthy of thought, turn from that silly thought and find your point of focus again.

Another tip; You cannot attract love when all you focus upon is how lonely you feel. You must focus upon how it would feel for you to attract the love you want. You must write about it, imagine it, buy the perfume you would buy to wear around the love of your life, go to the places you would like to go when you find your love, and buy clothes you would wear if you were in love.

In doing so you will create strong positive emotions within, which will help your vibrations fall into alignment with what you are asking… And as you come more into alignment with what you desire, the universe can then work its magic…

If you begin focusing on what you do want, and how you will feel when you get what you want, the law of attraction will deliver to you that which you are wanting… It has to..Its the Law.

If you are wanting peace, but all you do is focus on the fear you are feeling, perhaps in a bad relationship, only more fear can show up. Whatever you think of most will keep reappearing. If you are in a bad relationship, you must find something in your mind to focus upon and love, so that that feeling of love and peace can grow. It isn’t easy… but the only way out of whatever hell you are in, is through your mind…

If you are overweight, and all you focus upon is how heavy you are… you will stay heavy… What you must learn to do is find that feeling place within you that forces you to feel as if you are already thin. Look at the clothes you would buy if you were thin, shop in places you would if you were thin, and ease into feeling as if you truly were thin…

The true key to all of this… is to learn to stop pushing what you want away… when you see a car you want, just pull it in with your mind… don’t stop the attracting power of it buy saying to yourself you will never get that car… you don’t have the money for that car etc… when you see people in love, don’t hate them for having what you want… they are there to show you what you want and what you want to feel… pull it in… pull in their feelings for one another into you… don’t push it away…